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To all friends of the Stowe Jazz Festival, all Artists as well...Here is a link to photos from our SJF Staff photographer, Brookie Kaltsas. Her photos are absolutely fantastic! Please have a look!

All photos are watermarked and are, of course, Brookie's property and that of the Stowe Jazz Festival. PLEASE DO NOT PIRATE OR 'SCREEN SHOT' THESE PHOTOS! Basically, that is stealing. ;)

You can purchase her work directly from her site in high or low resolution (suitable for web posting and FB).

Thank you so much to Brookie Kaltsas and to the 2019 SJF participants! :)
okie Kaltsas and to the 2019 SJF participants! :)

Artist submissions for the 2020 Stowe Jazz Festival will be accepted after November 1st, 2019. No submissions reviewed through email, digital links or videos. If you would like your materials returned after review, please include packaging and postage. Send materials to:

Stowe Jazz Festival

PO Box 6

Stowe Vermont, 05672

Festival dates to be announced in November.

Thank you. See you in 2020!

always jazz…always free !

Art by Kimberlee Forney

This year, we welcome artist Kimberlee Forney. We saw Kimberlee's wonderful work exhibited locally and immediately knew that we'd found the perfect fit for 2019! The SJF would like to thank Kimberlee for her wonderful work, incredibly positive vibe and this FANTASTIC piece. Please visit her at:

Welcome...we’re BACK for 2019!

2017 was a great start for us…2018’s SJF proved that our unique ‘model’ worked and that our Mission to invite world class jazz artists to perform in Stowe each year was a success - 100% jazz and 100% free to the public.  With all the incredible music we’re bringing to Vermont this year, the beauty of our location and the hugely supportive Stowe community fully engaged, how could such a Festival celebrating Jazz possibly miss the mark?  We’ll continue to update our schedule, our information and links…as well as our roster of local, regional and national sponsors. Browse around and re-visit the site often…there will be updates every day now. See you in September…better make your reservations !!


Schedule of Events has so many sub-genres, it can be difficult to describe or categorize...but at it's very core is a sense of reaching-out, engagement, and communication.  We'll be presenting nothing but Jazz at our Festival each year; Be-bop, Brazilian jazz, Swing, Gypsy jazz, Progressive/electric jazz, Standards, Afro-Cuban jazz, instrumental and vocal artists alike.

...truly, JAZZ crosses all barriers...embraces all...

refuses none.

Have a look at our SCHEDULE page for details on all this year's great events.  And again, they're all tickets, no cover charges.  Come op to Stowe, Vermont…and enjoy it all.

Bring the family...

Bring the family...

Chico Pinhiero Quartet

Chico Pinhiero Quartet

Ed Cherry Trio

Ed Cherry Trio

We're the pot of gold... ;)

We're the pot of gold... ;)

...sharing ideas, connections

...sharing ideas, connections

Ed Cherry standing 2.jpg


This year, we've invited an amazing group of Artists to Stowe. We'll welcome stellar musicians from Brazil, Cape Verde, Portugal, New York City, Israel, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Peru, Boston, Los Angeles, and from right here in Vermont.

A big part of our mission is to draw world-class Jazz artists from…everywhere…to show that a diversity with common purpose crosses all barriers - through the sharing of MUSIC…

So won’t you come and take part? Add your energy. And make sure you bring the kids…remember…its FREE ;) 


The SJF invites local, regional, national and international business to sponsor the Festival so that all events can be offered to the public free of charge.  If our own community pulls together to host this event and bring visitors to Stowe...and if ALL the music is presented without cost to the public...we ALL win.  Every single one of us, every business, every venue, every guest, every musician...

So we send a heartfelt THANKS to each of the Sponsors that have joined us, that have shown their support to the Music and to Stowe by whatever way they can.  

So please have a look at our SPONSORS page - and get to know all these brands...we're confident you'll make them your friends, too.




Welcome to the 2019 Stowe Jazz Festival. In our third year, we hope to expand the concepts we call ‘special and unique’ to the SJF. A few more venues, a few more Jazz Artists; staying true to our Mission and Vision. Exploring and sharing this special genre of music, community, family, the Arts, inclusion; embracing equality and communication...and we thank YOU for attending and making time in your lives for this special weekend.
— George Walker Petit, Festival Director
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