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Where is Stowe? We are located in northern Vermont is some of the most beautiful surroundings in the Eastern United States. Click on this link so see where we are - and how to get here!

Here is a .pdf of the 2019 SJF schedule:


faq:  A few things overall:  

We like to call our Festival a 'low waste' event.  In other words, please try to use compostable or biodegradable products...and MAKE SURE to 'pack out' what you 'pack in'!  Look after our gorgeous setting...our town...our World.  You dig?  :)

Bringing alcohol on to the Alchemist Mainstage property is forbidden…legally.  One can purchase wine and beer at the Mainstage (it IS after all, The Alchemist, right?).  Bringing alcohol purchased on property OFF the property is also forbidden.  Please consume what you buy on premises and dispose of the containers responsibly.  In fact consume the beer and wine responsibly as well.  Be smart...

Food?  Sure, bring a sandwich - but we warn you, you just might want to eat here - we'll have some great vendors; all sorts of snacks, too!  In addition, several of our Festival sponsors are local restaurants that are on the Mountain Road or in the Village...real close by!

Water, water everywhere and...Please, we beg you, don't bring tons of plastic bottles to the site!  Why?  Well because they are the bane of our existence!  We will have refilling stations for bring a bottle, a metal thermos...anything but plastic!

Dogs!!  Sure, bring your pooch...but your special friend MUST BE on a leash at all times...and yeah...CLEAN UP!!

The Festival events are FREE - there will be no ticketed events or cover charges.  Visitors to the Festival are urged to park, walk or bike around and visit multiple venues over the weekend - we've a lot of great music for you! Our shops, restaurants, and bars are wonderful here…all the bread you;d normally spend on tix? Spread the love…

Directions: The Alchemist Mainstage is located at 100, Cottage Club Road, Stowe, Vermont, 05672.  Cottage Club Road is right off the Mountain Road (Rte 108) in Stowe. The Village Venues can be found easily on your phone maps - or hit up our Volunteers and Merch stands - they will have maps for you to peruse - or expert local advice…

Parking for the Festival:  Free parking is provided at 1940, Mountain Road, Stowe.  We will have volunteers directing you and helping you to park in an orderly fashion.  Overflow parking will be provided quite nearby as well - you will be directed to the right site after our main parking has been filled.  Parking for other venues along the Mountain Road and in the Village will be at that specific venue.  PARKING ON THE MOUNTAIN ROAD ITSELF, ON THE GRASS VERGES AND SHOULDERS IS NOT ALLOWED.  PLEASE RESPECT OUR BEAUTIFUL TOWN!

Taxi/Limo services:  SNOWFLAKE TAXI in Stowe is our preferred people mover!  They are located on the Mountain Road in Stowe - mention the Stowe Jazz Festival and receive 10% off your fare.  These guys can take you anywhere in the neighborhood - to shows at other venues, to and from your hotel, up to the airport in Burlington or, if you have a group of friends that all want to visit together and don't want the responsibility of a car or two - call these guys !  Park your car and leave it there...  (802) 253-7666


Supporting SJF venues with music over the weekend:  The Alchemist Mainstage, The Pinnacle Stage, Cork Wine Bar, TAP25, Doc Pond's, The Rusty Nail Stage, PK Coffee, Piecasso and a few more in the works!

Some locations for our visitors: Most of the ‘village venues’ are to be found on The Mountain Road (route 108) or in town…

The Alchemist MainStage - 100 Cottage Club Road

PK Coffee - 1880, Mountain Road

The Pinnacle Stage - 1652, Mountain Road

Piecasso - 1899, Mountain Road

The Rusty Nail Stage - 1190, Mountain Road

Doc Pond’s - 294, Mountain Road

Cork Wine Bar and Market - 35, School Street

TAP25 Craft Beer - 151, Main Street

Here is a link to the two best DISCOVERY maps that will help with our venue locations…you will see links on the right side of the page…